Simulating cookie responses

Although Mirage allows setting headers in a response, the XMLHttpRequest spec explicitly forbids access to Set-Cookie and Set-Cookie2 headers. As a result Mirage responses cannot set cookies via headers.

However, you can simulate receiving cookies from an ajax call at the browser level by setting them in a route function handler:'/users/login', function(db, request) {
    // log in for 24 hours
    let now = new Date();
    let cookieExpiration = new Date(now.getTime() + (24 * 3600 * 1000));
    document.cookie=`remember_me=cookie-content-here;; path=/; expires=${cookieExpiration.toUTCString()};`;
    return {
      users: [db.users[0]]

Your Ember client code will now have access to any cookies set using document.cookie.